Saturday, July 23, 2011

Can't Keep Johnny Down

They Might Be Giants held a contest to make a video for their song, "Can't Keep Johnny Down". Here's the winning video.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rainbow City

I love that my daughter is old enough now to enjoy some of the things that I enjoy. Above is a picture from a trip to Rainbow City, an art installation on the High Line.
I've become a big fan of staying home on holiday weekends. I was in dire need of rest and quality time with the family, and I got big doses of both.
This painting sold at the most recent Too Art for TV show, but if you like it there is now a print available in the shop. I'm thrilled with the way the print turned out. That yellowy tan took ages to get just right in the painting and was nearly as hard to color correct in the scan, but I was so psyched when it inched its way out of the printer. Looks perfect.
And finally, if you've ever wanted to try a Gocco, I'm selling mine from my Telephone Road shop. You've probably heard that these cool little machines are no longer being made, so if you're interested, grab it. I'm including an awesome stamper accessory I bought that lets you Gocco your WALLS, if you want! (Or just wood blocks, as I did).
Hope your July is off to a fantastic start.