Thursday, June 25, 2009


I'm sitting here on a Thursday morning, enjoying a delicious iced coffee with honey, watching some pigeons build a nest on our balcony. Penny is napping away, unaware that she's made it into her very first treasury! I was so pleased to see this...she looks so good right there in the center :) Thanks to EttaRose for including us!
Lots of goings on this week, including an exciting prospect for the MamaRobot biz. I will share more when things are definite. Meanwhile, Penny and I are going to take our first Mom and Baby Yoga class today. I used to do a lot of yoga, and even seriously considered learning to teach it at one point. It still seems like it would be a job that would nicely compliment what I already do. If Penny enjoys it I think we'll make it a regular thing. I hope you're all doing fun things today, too!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Robot Onesies

I've been meaning to list these new onesies for about a week now and have finally got around to it! I'm so pleased that American Apparel is making their organic onesies in some new colors. I love this shade of blue, and I had the robots printed in silver ink - so cool. I ordered just a few of these, so if you like them, go here and grab one for your favorite baby!
Speaking of babies, I also wanted to wish all the Daddies out there a very Happy Father's Day! Chris was treated to a card featuring the photo above, this t-shirt he had been eyeing, and his favorite breakfast - blueberry pancakes. After a family walk, I sent him off to do something he hasn't been able to do much lately - an open mike at one of his favorite spots: Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn. Penny's gift to her dad was to sleep for 12 uninterrupted hours last night. And that was much appreciated by both of us. Hope all of you enjoyed your weekend. Happy Summer!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I am so pleased with how these new bibs came out. We go through 2 or 3 of these little shirt-savers every day. The MamaRobot bib is made of creamy organic cotton, has a velcro closure, and is screenprinted with my Robot and Friend design in a beautiful red-orange. Now even if your baby's cool onesie design is hidden under a bib, you still got some cute 'bots to show off :) These will be posted in the shop later today, hopefully.
Other goings on...
- I had a rather grueling surgery at the dentist's yesterday. Let's just say that if I do any socializing this week, I'm going to have to explain what is going on with my face! On the plus side, I have an actual medical reason to eat ice cream.
- I am up-to-date with shipping! If you're waiting on a size medium Robo tee, it is on its way...
- Penny is 3 months old. Yes, we made it to 3 months!
Hope your weeks are going swell. Look for more new stuff later this week - just gotta snap some pics!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Another comic strip...

Another week, more comics. Sorry I don't have any other artwork to post. These comics are pretty much all I've been drawing lately. I hope to get a break soon! Other highlights from the week:
- I got my acceptance e-mail for the 4th installment of Too Art For TV. I'm very excited and glad I proposed something that will be realistic to accomplish in the little bits of free time I have left after Penny, the shop, and freelancing.
- Omega 3's are especially vital after having a baby, so Wednesday night, I made this yummy salmon recipe. Thanks Jenna Lou!
- Went for a run along the river Thursday morning, my first serious attempt in ages. It soon became clear that I am in desperate need of some new workout clothes. My baggy sweats are not cutting it, especially now that I'm chipping away at the baby weight. Anyone have recommendations for places/websites to buy basic workout gear?
- We're getting cable installed today. I was content being cable-free, convinced it would sabotage my productivity, and also satisfied with watching The Office, LOST, the news, and Seinfeld re-runs. However, we just bought a flat screen tv and apparently you can no longer just plug in a tv and get reception anymore. So we're giving in. I must admit I'm looking forward to it. A lot.
- Chris had a show at the local library and I took Penny to see her dad perform. Chris announced her to the crowd and she got an applause! Penny stayed pretty mellow throughout...I think she recognized her dad's voice.
- The shop has passed the 700 sale mark! I'm so grateful that so many of you find the Robo tee a fitting Father's Day gift.
Well, that's mostly what's been going on around here. Enjoy your day, and look for new goodies in the shop next week!