Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I am so pleased with how these new bibs came out. We go through 2 or 3 of these little shirt-savers every day. The MamaRobot bib is made of creamy organic cotton, has a velcro closure, and is screenprinted with my Robot and Friend design in a beautiful red-orange. Now even if your baby's cool onesie design is hidden under a bib, you still got some cute 'bots to show off :) These will be posted in the shop later today, hopefully.
Other goings on...
- I had a rather grueling surgery at the dentist's yesterday. Let's just say that if I do any socializing this week, I'm going to have to explain what is going on with my face! On the plus side, I have an actual medical reason to eat ice cream.
- I am up-to-date with shipping! If you're waiting on a size medium Robo tee, it is on its way...
- Penny is 3 months old. Yes, we made it to 3 months!
Hope your weeks are going swell. Look for more new stuff later this week - just gotta snap some pics!

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GumballGrenade said...

Those take cute to a whole new level! Makes me want to get out the silk screening inks! Hope your mouth gets feeling better with all that numbing (wink wink) ice cream!