Thursday, May 21, 2009

(Not so new) bib design!

My new bib design just wasn't happening. I had a couple of different versions and took an informal poll, which yielded inconclusive results. So I decided for the first batch of bibs I'll recycle the design pictured here - as you can see, I designed it for onesies, but I think it might work even better for a bib. The onesies are just about sold out and I wasn't planning on ordering more, so this way the design can live on and I won't have to pay for a new screen. I should have them in a week or two. I can't wait to put one on Penny, who goes through several bibs each day - they're great for catching her frequent mini spit-ups. It's gorgeous weather here - the girl and I are going to head over to the post office to send out the day's orders, and then take a long walk by the river. Enjoy your Thursday!


pouch said...

love your work! I found your blog through the 'blog love' forum post. I'm due to have a baby in November, so I've got my eye on your cute baby wear :)

Amanda aka MamaRobot said...

Thanks Pouch!

Anonymous said...

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