Saturday, September 12, 2009

Finished Gocco!

This week I finished my Gocco pieces for my upcoming art show. Printing Gocco on wood was quite a challenge. There were some duds. Anybody have suggestions on what to do with misprinted wood panels? I might Gesso them and paint on them. I just don't want to waste them. There are one or two non-duds that might end up in the shop, along with whatever doesn't sell in the art show, so keep an eye out!
On Thursday I took Penny to story time at FAO Shwartz with a couple of her friends. I hadn't been to the store in years. As we walked in I got all giggly. They have a build your own Muppet station! And the most gorgeous dollhouses. And soft puppets that made Penny laugh hysterically. We listened to stories and songs, watched people dance on the giant piano, then headed home. I love having an excuse to do these things :) I hope all of your weeks were fun as well!

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