Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy December!

Just found out my Robot one-piece outfit is featured in this month's Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine! I think Penny's pediatrician has this mag in the waiting room, so when I take Pen for her 9 month check-up next week maybe I'll slyly leave it opened to my page :)
December is shaping up to be a really busy month. I've got two major freelance jobs, the 3rd Ward Handmade Holiday fair, and the usual flood of holiday orders (not that I'm complaining)! I'm going to try to take it one day at a time, keep a to-do list, and drink lots of tea and water. Let's all get through December feeling somewhat serene!


Julie Costanzo said...

No way!!! I just saw this on Blog Love. This is the onsie I bought for my Portland daddy a few months ago- I can't wait to show them.
Congrats- Mama Robot is the best!

Caroline said...

That's so cool! Congratulations :)

Amanda aka MamaRobot said...

Aw, thank you both :)

Laura A. Dalesandro said...

That's awesome Amanda!!!