Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Shopping...

I'm so happy to say it's been one of the busiest holiday seasons EVER for MamaRobot. Thank you SO much to everyone who decided to gift their loved ones (or themselves!) with some of my art. My shipping deadline for Chritmas delivery is fast approaching. For NYC dwellers who haven't had a chance to get to everyone on their list, I wanted to mention you still have a chance to grab some MamaRobot goodies. Head to B. Conte in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. You'll find a special assortment of my creations for a very limited time as part of the Holiday Artisan Bazaar. I took a peek at the selection on Friday night, and it really is a beautifully curated group. I've been way too swamped to do any other events this season, so I'm happy I got the chance to participate by proxy in this one! Happy shopping :)


~Dina said...

The tag is so cute! And I really enjoy your blog!

KAT said...

wonderful Congratulations on a great season. I am a newbie at this bloging and art

and Im always interested in others who like to do what I like to do also. I decided to follow your blog