Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Evening

Working full time for the past two months has definitely made our weekends a lot more weekend-y. Today Chris and I wandered around MOMA for a few hours with nothing on our minds except what we saw. I brought along my new tiny Canon Powershot to test out. So far, I love it. Pictured above is an installation consisting of a fabric igloo on a bed of twigs with neon numbers. I wonder what would have happened if I crawled in there and took a nap?


LeaKarts said...

Wow, what a gorgeous photo! I need to get back to New York so that I can spend some days wandering MOMA :)

Cicada Studio said...

Love weekend museum trips to the city- makes you feel a little like you're on vacation! I also love my little Canon as well- just blogged about it this weekend. Good camera and so handy.