Thursday, February 21, 2008

Toy Fair!

My first opportunity to attend Toy Fair was this week, and I had one of those moments where you think, "Ah, this is where I belong." As my both my mom and Chris know, one of my favorite activities is to walk into a store with lots of little things, and proceed to pick each thing up, inspect it, and then put it back. I was doing a lot of that at Toy Fair, although it is sometimes frowned upon since I am not a retailer. Also, I accidentally derailed Thomas the Tank Engine. One of my friends tried to set him back on track, but Thomas had disconnected from the cars he was towing and only looped around to head-butt into them. Anyway, I managed to get a picture of the tiny town around the train tracks before we non-chalantly walked away.


Hobocamp Crafts said...

omg that is hysterical! My husband was there all week covering it for work! He told me about someone who had derailed the tank engine.. I guess it was you lol! I'm joking about that part!!

Amanda Baehr Fuller said...

Ha! Yeah, I was making trouble all over the place :)