Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday night

The wind is making scary, thunderous noises outside, and has already blown a styrofoam cooler off our balcony and out of sight. Chris is camped out on the couch with a fever. I'm catching up on work in the next room. I couldn't find a bell, so I've placed the thumb piano next to him. When I hear a plinkity-plink-plink, I'll come running.
The picture above is from MOMA's current "Design and the Elastic Mind" exhibit. It was really fun and had some crazy concepts, but a bit too crowded for us to see everything, so we'll go back in a week or two.
Finally, thanks to Jason of JJMFinance for featuring me in his blog. Go and read all about the business side of running the 'bot shop!

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Cicada Studio said...

The wind is crazy around here. It's pretty intense. Good to know about this show. Hopefully we'll get our acts together and go to the city on of these weekends.