Saturday, July 12, 2008

Giraffe Tags

One of my purchases from last weekend's craft store shopping spree was a tag cutter. And here's my first tag project! Making gift tags is a great way to make use of my growing pile of "dud" cards - greeting cards with a bent corner, an errant dot of ink, or some other flaw that makes the card un-sellable. For this tag, I made a quickie watercolor painting of a giraffe (my Audubon Guide to African Wildlife is great for inspiration, when all else fails!), scanned it, shrunk it down to tag-size, printed it out (on the blank back of the "dud"), and finished it off with some cute pepperminty baker's twine from one of my fave Etsy people, Karen from SchoolLocker. The first finished set of 8 is freshly listed in the shop now!
I also wanted to thank Emily from Subu for featuring my Robot Onesie in her cool blog. I love her other selections, too!

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subu said...

i love the tags. i didn't even know tag cutters existed...guess it's another thing on my want list!!