Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday night

This is how the sky looked last Friday night. These pics are not Photoshopped. Amazing, right? I had never seen clouds like this. Neither had a lot of people! Penny had just gone to bed, and Chris and I enjoyed a moment on the balcony looking at this strange sky. I wanted to post these pics sooner but we've just finally moved to a bigger apartment! I only just located my camera. Our new place is just one floor up from our old one, same view and everything. Moving was not quite as horrendous as I expected, thanks to my mom, my awesome sis-in-law, who knew just where to put everything (thank goodness, because I sure didn't), and a friend of Chris's who actually volunteered to lend a hand. We're still decorating. Today we went to Home Depot and bought chalkboard paint for Penny's room. I drew all over the walls when I was growing up, only I didn't have chalkboard walls. I don't remember getting in trouble for it either...I guess my parents decided to roll with it. See you soon with pics of the new place!

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amanda said...

wow, those clouds are so so so beautiful. very pretty. and chalk paint is the best. how fun. lucky kid.