Sunday, February 12, 2012


I have piles and piles of Penny's artwork from preschool. I've been hearing about some cool solutions for what to do with it all, like scan them and put them all into a Flickr account or make them into a bound photo book. We came up with an idea too, at least for the drawings that aren't quite frame worthy: collage! This was a birthday card for our friend Danny.
Have you discovered Pinterest? I've written before about the visual inspiration folder I keep on my desktop. Pinterest is way better! Now I have a link back to where I found each image, and it's so much fun to pin and see everything together. If you want to see what I've had my eye on lately, you can follow my boards. (Or if you already pinning away, feel free to pin some items in my shop :)
Enjoy your week! I'm about to tackle our taxes, so wish me luck!


Andrew Baehr said...

I've been wondering whether Pinterest was worth my interest. Looks like it is. Thanks, MamaRobot!

Andrew Baehr said...

By the way, the "recaptcha" instructions for commenting on this blog are "Please prove you're not a robot."

How do you feel about that, MamaRobot?

Amanda aka MamaRobot said...

Actually, I'm experiencing major robot fatigue. Thinking of renaming the biz MamaNoBot. So yes, Blogger, please continue to ban all bots!