Friday, November 2, 2007


I was going to list this in the shop, but then I decided to slip it in my friend Sarah's birthday card instead. The Robot ACEO got snatched up (and is on its way to Australia!), but I'll be making a few more. And now I'm off to the dentist. The last dentist visit for a few months, I hope. I hope.
Oh, and the Square Foot Show was a lot of fun! I am soooo glad I hung my painting up very high, and that the curators left it where I hung it, because it was absolutely packed! And a lot of people were wearing big backpacks. And that just makes me nervous.


Heidi said...

just looking at your blog.. straight from etsy-forum-land!
love your ACEO's! just sold my first one today. *exciting*
your website is lovely too, great illustration work :)

Amanda Baehr Fuller said...

Hi Heidi! I love your work. I'm sure you'll sell tons more!
Thanks for the compliment :)