Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hello from HQ

For the past month or so I've been meeting weekly with a crafty friend to set goals and talk shop. It's been very helpful and eye-opening, as I often know what I need to do in my heart of hearts, I just need a small kick in the pants to get my brain to catch on.
As a result of these meetings, I present to you my Holiday Schedule:

11/17: Artists and Fleas, 129 N. 6th Street, between Bedford and Berry, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (noon-7pm)
11/24: Quirky Crafters Holiday Bazaar - 6436 Montgomery Street, Rhinebeck, NY
12/1: Winterful Holiday Craft Fair, Park Slope, Brooklyn (held at the old John Jay HS, 7th ave between 4th and 5th sts.)
12/8: 3rd Ward - 195 Morgan Ave., East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

...and I still have 2 more fairs to possibly add! Do you know why you need to go to at least one craft fair this holiday season? Because I was reading Real Simple's gift guide, and for fathers/brothers/husbands, it suggested the following gifts:
1. A cell phone charger
2. Desktop shuffleboard
3. House of Jerky Variety Pack

I kid you not.

p.s. The pic above is of the trees outside my building. And I was starting to worry they'd go straight from green to brown!

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