Sunday, December 9, 2007

Whew! And thank you!

Whew, I'm tired. But not too tired to thank everyone who came out this weekend to buy handmade goods, specifically mine.
I was not looking forward to working two craft fairs back-to-back, one of them 8 hours long and by myself, and both right before I start on a brand-new in-studio freelance job. But you all made it soooo worth it. I love it when my suitcase, the one that normally literally bursts at the seams with all of my wares, zips shut with ease at the end of the day and actually feels lighter on the trek home.
Due to the aforementioned freelance job, I won't be doing any more craft fairs until the spring. It sure was nice to end the year on a high note.
p.s. The pic is of Mrs. Washington the bunny. She's tired too!

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